Have you seen the newest New York Photo Booth?

Incredibooths New York Photo Booth Rental nominated # 1 Wedding Photo Booth!
September 5, 2014
Upscale Photo Booths that LOOK the part!
September 5, 2014
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Have you seen the newest New York Photo Booth?

cube-textThe Capture Cube is the newest addition to the new york photo booth rental line-up by IncrediBooths. It sports an amazing all white look and top of the line technology that ensures your nostalgic photo booth experience is very 2011!


  •     Huge Color Touchscreen
  •     Huge External High Definition Slide Show Screen
  •     Blazing fast 7 second professional smudge free and instantly dry prints
  •     Professional Canon DSLR Camera
  •     Ability to share photos to your email and/or facebook right from the booth

And the list just goes on! If you have been looking for just the right photo booth this one is it! In our last blog update we showed you a shot of the booth in Oheka Castle a very upscale catering facility by any standards. Our point? Photo Booths are here to stay and if done correctly can really add to the event! If you choose an elegant great looking photo booths they’ll be nothing cheezy about it. Choose a photo booth that looks like it was stolen out of the neighborhood and arcade, and yea, you might have a problem, lol.

The Capture Cube is ready for your NYC Photo Booth event! Contact us for more information!


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