Upscale Photo Booths that LOOK the part!

Have you seen the newest New York Photo Booth?
September 5, 2014
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Upscale Photo Booths that LOOK the part!

img_5544So, you’ve been thinking about a new york photo booth rental for a while now and you’re just not sure wether it’s something that would look good at your catering hall? Or perhaps you may think to yourself… “will it look cheesy?”

We get this alot… that is until clients see our booths! The days of the old bulky metal photo booth are gone! No crazy designs or graphics either. We also aren’t fans of pipe and drape or curtain styles “photo booths” which really don’t resemble much of a photo booth at all!

The answer? Combine a modern sleek, dare we say, sexy, look with great technology in a photo booth that is both modern in approach while combining the nostalgic size and feel of the original boardwalk designs. We have done just that with photo booth designs like our Capture Cube. This design is a full hard photo booth (no pipe and drape on a rod here) that allows guests to squeeze in and have some fun, just like in the good ‘ole days. It’s classy all white design compliments any room and can be washed in uplighting which is hugely popular.

Today the barrier for entry into the new york wedding photo booth rental business is relatively low. To this regard we’ve seen a huge upcrop in start ups who rig up anything with a camera and a printer and call it a photo booth! But we know that’s not what you want! You want the best! Check out our web site for more information on long island photo booth rental.

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