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Open Air Kiosk

Our Open Air Kiosks Photo Booths are always an excellent choice, adds a whole new dimension to your event. Looking to do large group shots this photo booth is perfect. You can cram in as many people as you can fit. Great for for smaller working spaces, perfect for a step and repeat backdrop. The versatile Open Air Kiosk is always popular for all events. Photo Booth Rental Company


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Our Glam Booth is the ultimate experience for those looking for a 'Kardashian' type look. Whether you prefer black and white or color, we've got you covered! From weddings to corporate events, the Glam Experience is the perfect addition if you’re looking for some Hollywood magic.

We’ve all seen the signature Kim Kardashian photo booth pictures. Kim’s skin looks flawless as she poses in front of a clean white backdrop. You can now book our Glam booth for your next event.


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Looking for an interactive experience? Put your guests at the center of the universe and create with our 360 photo booth. Guests stand on the platform and a camera mounted to a rotating arm captures your guests in 360 degree slow motion. Guests can cut a rug, pose, or be creative as they want while our 360 Booth captures every frame from a rotating 360 degree angle and creates a high resolution video or GIF for guests to share instantly. Let our 360 Video Booth capture every move at your next event!


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One of the most technologically advanced booth in the industry. The mirror booth is a full length mirror that not only allows you and your guest to take stunning photos but it’s fully interactive. Write a message or slogan on your photo, leave well wishes for others. Truly an awesome experience. Sure to have a lasting impression on your guest.


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For animated experience, We offers gifs and boomerang creations! Enjoy cool flip images played together in a sequence. Once created, you and your guests will have fun and memorable videos that are ready to share with loved ones and throughout social media ! **No Prints**


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Bubble Booth: Perfectly paired with one of our Open Air Kiosk an 8x8x8 blow up photo booth grabs your attention right away. The Bubble Booth gives the option of a solid color or slow color change. The renowned Bubble Booth always loads of fun. You and your guests are sure to love it.


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Our Vanity Photo booth is extremely popular. The Vanity blends modern looks with traditional nostalgia. All purpose, space-efficient, and perfect for any occasion! Fits as many as four people, perfect for couples having cute moments. Photo Booth Rental Company


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Entourage Photo Booth

Our Entourage Booth is great for any occasion. Keep away from those prying eyes while posing for glamorous, silly or private photos. Or grab your entourage and see how many people you can cram into your photo. Entourage photo Booth is basically our Swiss Army Knife of our photo booths


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This is our most interactive choice, an attendant will roam around the room, greet your guests as they get to take photos anywhere they are wirelessly. The Halo is great for capturing the all those special moments. Spectacular photos in any setting.